Dan Moriarty | To attract new businesses we need a cooperative city hall with fewer impediments

The best thing we can do to help downtown is to help the entire city. Jobs will be my focus as mayor. Jobs based on trades. The era of advanced manufacturing is upon us. New Hampshire is ranked in the top in the country for high tech and we will soon be ranked top in the country for advanced manufacturing – if I have anything to do with it.

I have taken action and already made progress. As chairman of the aldermanic Planning and Economic Development Committee, I have made this an item of study and have invited a steady stream of guests to educate us about topics beneficial to Nashua.

As mayor I will continue to visit managers of local manufacturers to learn what skills they need so we can teach those skills in our high school career and technical education programs and at the community college. Our trained workforce will become Nashua’s greatest asset, allowing new companies to start and others to relocate here.

Entrepreneurs and the arts

At the other end of the spectrum we need high-paying jobs. At Planning and Economic Development Committee meetings we learned that, to attract youth and entrepreneurs, Nashua needs an identity of arts and culture and community.

We have great potential for a thriving arts community. Here and in surrounding towns there are countless people, like myself, who are hobbyists in arts, music, dance and theater. We have an energetic and talented urban youth culture growing in Nashua. As mayor I will bring my project management skills to lead those who care to build our arts community. I will strive to give Nashua an identity, a buzz, a culture to rival those of the cities to our south.

Grow your own

Everyone seems to agree that more downtown residents would mean more business for our shops and restaurants. The key is for those residents to work where they live, otherwise they will eat and shop where they work – elsewhere. Our downtown needs less expensive space for start-ups and niche enterprises. To attract businesses we need a cooperative city hall with fewer regulatory impediments administered in an easy to understand and to comply manner.

Our downtown is not just Main Street. People need to feel comfortable taking advantage of surrounding streets. It’s not about the number of spaces on Main Street, it’s about accessing all streets easily, safely and comfortably through better design, better lighting and better security.

Actions louder than words

Yes, these are exciting plans. As mayor I will employ the same patience and determination I used to earn a doctorate of science, to qualify for the world championships in triathlon, and get promoted at my most recent jobs. My career requires interpersonal skills for team leading and business development – meeting customers, identifying their needs and matching our skills to those needs.

The recent branding campaign of "Dare to Begin" is example of words failing to achieve any actions. I began a long time ago and I will continue to take action.

It is my nature to identify actionable, achievable, goals. Early in my life my mother applied for food stamps; but, we persevered and eventually I was accepted to MIT. Later in life I learned how to be a team leader. The group can accomplish much more than I can as an individual. So please join me as we lead Nashua to a future of opportunity and success.

Dan Moriarty works in business development at BAE Systems, is an Alderman-at-Large, a triathlete and a father of four.