Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She is not waiting for Superman, either

Letter to the Editor

As a 2010 graduate of Nashua High School South and a future educator, I am writing in response to Fred S. Teeboom’s letter in Monday’s paper (“Waiting for Superman isn’t time well spent”).

If “Waiting for Superman” is going to be referenced, I would hope that it would be referenced in the correct context.

“Waiting for Superman” is an amazing documentary about education reform and about how all children should be given the necessary tools to succeed in school.

Since it seems as though you are all about not “Waiting for Superman,” then how would cutting the special-education budget make the education system a system where all children are given the proper tools to be successful?

The children in the REACH program are children who are already going to excel in the education system. Increased budgets should be given to those in the special education department, as well as those who have any other “roadblock” that may take away from their educational experience and may deter them from being productive members in society.

The best way to fix the problems in education would not to be giving all the money to the children who are already going to succeed, but focusing on the children who need the help. We need more people who are willing to stand up for the children who cannot advocate for themselves.

“Waiting for Superman” has nothing to do with cutting budgets from the students who need the biggest budgets; it is about leveling the playing field so that all children will succeed.

Danielle Gaudette