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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rep. Elliott’s remarks should lead to sanctions

Letter to the Editor

Rep. Nancy Elliott: I am appalled and disgusted that a public official representing the Merrimack constituency would make such horrific claims without spending one moment of her time performing any due diligence before addressing our Legislature. (Feb. 12: “City school officials deny sex claims / Merrimack legislator says gay sex taught in Nashua classrooms”).

First of all, as a resident in Nashua for 25 years, I can tell you firsthand that our school district is one of the finest in the country.

Secondly, a public official should act in a more professional manner in a public forum. It’s time to realize that we do not still dwell in the 1950s, and gay people do exist and deserve the same rights as any other person in this country.

My wife and I have put four children through the Nashua school system. As opposed to living in the dark ages, we prefer to have our children value the differences in people and respect those differences.

Superintendent Mark Conrad has better things to do solving our school budget issue than addressing such foolishness; however, I’m sure he would love to discuss this matter with you if it is so emblazoned on your agenda.

Same-sex marriage is not about sex. It’s about civil rights. Not religion, not the sanctity of marriage, or your own personal beliefs.

You overstepped the bounds of your office with your comments in a public forum and should be sanctioned by your peers.

This is the kind of attention Nashua and the state of New Hampshire can well afford to do without.

Bill Beaulieu