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Politicians care only about themselves

By Joseph Ross - Nashua | Aug 11, 2019

Whenever I read, watch or listen to a story about health care, I think back to the days of TV westerns, the cowboy and Indian types, where the Indian chief says, “White man speak with forked tongue.”

Taking the first steps to fixing our health care system is impossible, but not difficult. It requires politicians to do what is best for the citizens, not for themselves.

First, every politician must be enrolled in the same health plan adopted for the rest of us. Politicians at the highest level have a plan that is much better than everyone else’s; a perfect example of “do as I require you, not as I do for myself.”

Second, repeal the self-serving law that prohibits the government from negotiating drug prices. Despite what politicians of both parties will tell you, the real reason for that law is to preserve the bribes (pardon me, donations) from drug companies and drug company lobbyists.

Third, allow hospitals to stop being the primary care outlet for illegal aliens and those who are unwilling to pay for at least minimal coverage.

Fourth, allow everyone and anyone to buy drugs from Canada and other foreign outlets. Realize that, in most cases, the drugs are identical and often are made by the same companies.

Fifth, allow insurance companies to sell across state lines. To require companies to fulfill registration requirements in one state only to have another provide the same hoops to jump through is just another step for politicians to show us that they are better than we are.

Finally, set a national policy for minimum standards for insurance companies, much as Medicare does now for private companies who want a Medicare contract. Make sure these are minimums only so that a company may offer any upgrades they wish.

Standards and competition: What a great combination.


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