‘100 percent fossil free?’ – Nonsense!

I don’t want a “climate” mayor, I want a “budget” mayor. Don’t waste our money on feel-good eco-nonsense that is driving up our taxes and driving seniors on fixed incomes out of their homes.

Electric cars don’t eliminate emissions, they just move the emissions to a different point of generation. Do any of the virtue-signaling liberals actually ask themselves where the “clean” power in the electric outlets comes from? The answer: fossil fuels.

Sixty four percent (64%) of electricity in this country is generated by fossil fuels (natural gas and coal!). The next biggest energy source is nuclear power (19%), yes, scary 3-mile island nukes. Hydro power at 7% (my personal favorite) is next. Next are the giant endangered species-killing bird scythes known as wind turbines (6%) that liberals inexplicably love so much. “Clean” solar comes in at 1.6%, (don’t ask about the manufacturing process or about the hazardous materials in those panels!). Biomass accounts for about 1.5%. (Source: https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=427&t=3)

So remember, when someone self-righteously plugs their Chevy Volt into a public charging station that you pay for, they aren’t being “clean”, they are belching coal ash into the air, nuking bunnies, and killing bald eagles with giant bird vegematics.

And no Mr. “Climate” Mayor, I don’t want to pay more taxes for that.

Changing out street lights with LEDs to reduce power consumption and cost? Great idea! Concentrate on ideas that reduce spending and our taxes, not raise them.

And don’t forget the pot holes.