Vote ‘yes’ on Article 32

Most property owners in Milford will say that they feel property taxes are too high. What if I told you that on the ballot this year is a warrant that will reduce your taxes? Would you vote in favor of that? The warrant article I am speaking of is Warrant Article 32 Multi-Year Lease of Town Property for a Solar Farm. The Town Property in question is the Brox Property and it is the portion of the Brox property that has been designated by the voters as Commercial/Industrial, since it was purchased in 1999. This 120 acre site has been on the market for the last 20 years and there have been just a few offers. At this time nothing has been viable as there is just too much infrastructure needed. Unfortunately, the land just sitting there has only cost the town 10’s of thousands of dollars, as some individuals keep suing the town every time the town tries to do something with this land. We are all paying the bill for these frivolous law suits and this Solar Farm will put an end to that.

Why a Solar Farm you ask –

1. It does not need any infrastructure.

2. There are no supporting costs to the town.

3. A Solar Farm does not add students the schools.

4. The Solar Arrays sit high enough off the ground so the snakes and turtles can still have a great habitat.

5. It is a zero cost to the Town.

6. The company Granite Apollo’s co-founders come from a background of successful companies and are local invested entrepreneurs.

7. Granite Apollo is investing $100,000 in plans and surveys that the town could benefit from.

8. It is friendly to the environment the company plans to put beehives around the property and plantings that will help the bee population.

One might ask why the Conservation Commission is against such a project. One might think as I do that they are being greedy. Our community has always supported conservation, as a matter of fact 75 acres that border this 120 acres was just reserved for fish and game and is to be managed by Conservation. In the past anything they have asked for we have backed. Now they want what was never slated to be theirs to begin with.

You might also ask why the Budget Committee is not supporting the Solar Farm. The reason I got was that the company had only been in business for 3 years. When I spent a few minutes researching the company I found that one of the co-founders just sold Dyn Corp a company he co-founded to Oracle for $600 to $700 million dollars. This is just his new adventure. Why does that make this not a viable company? In my opinion someone that has started a new company and wants to be invested in New Hampshire after selling another very successful company that profited $100’s of millions of dollars, is someone I want to be in business with.

If you want to support something that will help to reduce your taxes every year for the next 20-plus years, then vote YES on Warrant Article 32.