Don’t be fooled again

In 2016, Milford selectmen promised quick riches from a gravel operation on town owned land, the former Brox property, but my taxes are still going up this year.

At the polls selectmen handed out phony million dollar promises, but I haven’t seen benefits of real money. It was a get-rich-quick scheme that has proven to be a lie.

The gravel operation is slow going, not fast as promised. It’s mired in legal challenges, and it’s costing the town many thousands of dollars in other expenses including the recent $6,100 billed by Fish & Game, even though voters never allocated a penny for a gravel operation.

Now in 2019 the selectmen want voters to approve a utility-scale solar farm on 120 acres of land at Brox that are extremely unsuited to a solar farm because of the extensive forest, wetlands and very rare wildlife.

And that’s exactly why the experts at TRC Solutions, the consulting company working for Granite Apollo, advise against siting utility-scale solar in places like this. The guidelines for solar siting can be found at — developers need sites that are large, relatively flat, and non-forested upland (versus wetlands) and not within or adjacent to sensitive habitat, 100-year-flood zones or conservation lands.

The Milford site is a hilly, forested, wetland complex of highly-sensitive ecological value. It is adjacent to the town’s newly-created 75 acre conservation area that joins with an extensive Beaver Brook Association conservation area. Why is a TRC representative not seeing or understanding this fact or is she paid to see only what her clients want her to see?

Granite Apollo has sent out two mailings to Milford citizens urging voters to vote yes on Warrant article 32 but they do not mention that the Budget Advisory Committee is against the solar farm for financial reasons, and the Conservation Commission is against the solar farm because of the environmental impacts. Only a dishonest company would withhold important information from the voters like Granite Apollo has done in their mailings.

Shame on the selectmen for scamming the public about the gravel operation, but shame on voters this time around if they are fooled again.

Voters would be wise not to be fooled by a second scam. Vote NO on warrant article No. 32 and stop a solar farm from being built on a very unsuitable site.