What is a male feminist?

When candidate Ben Clemons announced, “I, too, am a male feminist,” to Fred Teeboom’s question, “What is a feminist male?”at the Nashua Aldermen candidates forum Feb. 21, he only begged the question: What is a feminist? More to the point, what is a male? What is a female?

Does Clemons support the feminist group Hands Across the Aisle, which stands “against gender identity legislation, which we have come to recognize as the erasure of our own hard-won civil rights,” or does he stand with the gender ideologues who force women to compete with men on sports teams and for Title IX scholarships, requires women in shelters to share rooms with unaltered biological males and labels anyone who objects as a hater?

Calling himself a “male feminist” has no meaning, no purpose beyond virtue signaling if the differences between women and men are subjective, and any man who claims to be a women is entitled to all of the rights and protections of women.