Support nature

Fourteen acres of forest at Milford’s Brox town land are about to be cut down to make way for future sand and gravel excavation. Logging is scheduled to start March 1.

This 14-acre forest is east of homes on Ches Mae Lane, and just north of houses on Mason Road and the lovely Cold Brook.

The fact is that the gravel operation on the first 10 acres of forest cut down in 2017 has so far only met 32 percent of the expected sales goals. There’s 68 percent more sales to go there, so what’s the hurry to cut down 14 acres more?

The Board of Selectmen is doing this for whatever irrational justifications with the result of destroying as much of nature at Brox and as quickly as possible.

If you don’t want to see more and more of nature destroyed in Milford, then vote for new selectmen every chance you get until all of nature’s opponents are gone from board.