Support Fred Teeboom

I would like to thank the League of Women voters for sponsoring the candidate night to allow Nashua voters to learn more about Mr. (Ben) Clemons and Mr. (Fred) Teeboom and, of course, I thank both candidates for their participation.

The Telegraph article title “Sharp Contrast” was no doubt an understatement. Mr. Clemons stands firmly with the mayor and a near super majority of the Board of Alderman in support of the Nashua Performing Arts Center and rail service. This group has reached the conclusion that we can invest our way to a better future in Nashua, and they are pushing hard to advance this agenda. To me, in a weird sort of way, Mr. Clemons “Nashua First” views sort of feels like a “Make America Great Again.” With the exception of the train wreck going on in the assessors department, I view Nashua as a pretty good place to live, and I’m not sold that the “investments” the mayor and the BOA are working on will have much of a return.

On the other hand, Mr. Teeboom says he supports investment, but his presentation is blended with a much stronger message of fiscal responsibility and accountability. His comments reflect cynicism in the financial planning for the PAC and he basically dismisses the need for rail service. He seems to have a good understanding that well-meaning people can invest (or waste) a lot of money based on theoretical returns and benefits. Though Mr. Teeboom can come across as brash, and may not be in tune with some of today’s social issues, his primary strengths rest with his advocacy for financial restraint, accountability and his comfort in fulfilling the function of devils advocate.

I support Mr. Teeboom. Mr. Clemons views already are more than adequately represented by the sitting members of the BOA, and Mr. Teeboom will provide a needed counter balance for fiscal restraint.

But whatever your conclusion, please vote on March 5.