Making an informed decision

The Conservation Commission is an official body of the Town of Milford. It is the usually respected voice advising the town about nature and impacts to natural resources.

Yet with regard to the proposed solar farm at Brox, the Conservation Commission is being completely disrespected by the Board of Selectmen and Town Administration who failed to include in the Voters Guide that the Conservation Commission is opposed to the Solar Farm Warrant Article No. 32.

The representative of the Conservation Commission, Audrey Fraizer, had informed voters at the Feb. 2 Deliberative Session with the following statement:

“The Conservation Commission did meet and discuss this, and we feel that based on the studies that we’ve been able to find … that the impact to the natural resources, that this isn’t the best site.”

She added: “As far as the Conservation Commission, we do not support this proposal.”

Why isn’t the Conservation Commission’s opposition to WA No. 32 not being shared with voters in the voters guide to help them make a more informed decision about the solar farm?

The Acting BOS Chair Gary Daniels, who does not see a problem with not informing Milford voters of the Conservation Commission’s opposition to the Solar Farm WA No. 32 in the voters guide, said the following on Feb. 25:

“If the Conservation Commission is against any particular warrant article, I guess those members are welcomed to stand up at the polls and hand out papers indicating their opposition.”

What’s going on here?

Am I the only one who sees this as utterly disrespectful of the Conservation Commission?

If you want to show your respect for the Conservation Commission, then vote NO on WA No. 32, and reject the badly located solar farm proposal.