No expectations

The Federal Government has made itself responsible for providing myriad services to the American people, and employs masses of federal employees to do this. These employees are dependent upon their salaries to meet their expenses, and the citizenry are dependent upon the services which they provide, on a continuing basis. Why then, do we continue to accept the frankly ridiculous system, so long in place, that funds the federal government on a year-to-year basis? Perhaps that made sense at the outset, back in the late 1700’s, when the federal government was small, and not an integral part of so many of the functions of daily life, but not today.

If the Presidents and members of Congress in the past, and indeed, today, had been and were intelligent, responsible adults, they long ago could have prevented the constant recurrence of “government “shutdown” fiascos, and could do it now, easily. All that is required is for them, Congress and the President, to enact legislation that provides the following: When the end of the fiscal year is reached, and our “leadership” has, once again, failed to pass authorization to fund the federal government for another year, the existing level of funding will continue unchanged, until such time as changes are authorized. No one stops getting paid, but there are no pay raises, no new programmes, nor new jobs created. Everything simply continues as it is. If this were done, the politicians could continue to have their political catfights with each other, without adversely affecting the rest of us. That they haven’t done this, and most likely will never do this, is because all of them, presidents and members of congress alike, WANT to have these “shutdowns” continue to occur.

Finally, I have a question for Hassan, Shaheen, Kuster and Pappas. Why are you people still getting your salaries, when others, such as our Coast Guard, are not? I know that Pappas is “being generous “ by donating his salary, but why should he, or any of them be getting paid at all? In truth, if the federal government is shut down because no funding has been authorized, then no expenditures at all should be possible. Considering the sort of people involved, I have no expectations that they will ever act responsibly in this matter.