A sad day for Nashua

The Nashua Board of Education needs more than one negotiator for each of the district’s union contracts. At their Jan. 8 meeting, the board president nominated one board member, Gloria Timmons, as sole negotiator for the AFSCME contract, currently at a four-year impasse. Ms. Timmons also was sole negotiator for the teachers’ contract and directors’ contract. Board member Howard Coffman correctly points out that it is wrong to have a single negotiator for any of these large contracts. It’s bad practice to have one member handling all of these contracts, especially to the exclusion of other members who have history and experience.

It’s disappointing to hear Timmons’ response: “I would still like to be the only one on AFSCME. That’s the way THEY want it.”

What a sad day for Nashua that our sole negotiator admits to taking direction from AFSCME. We, the taxpayers, will have to foot the bill.

There are more experienced negotiators who are being silenced and excluded. This needs to change or we pay the price in future tax bills.