A good read

After reading Kevin Scully’s rant against the Dems (I’m so glad I’m an Independant), and then reading the article

Lets Go To The Movies by Don Canney, I decided to take a deep breathe and join Mr. Canney down memory lane.

Although I’m older than he is, I was very much reminded of being a child in elementary school in Auburn, Maine. About the age of 8 or 9 , I was allowed to travel by bus across the Androscoggin River to Lewiston on a Saturday afternoon to go to the movies with friends. The bus ride was five cents and the movie price for those under twelve was twelve cents. Sometimes, the movies were a double feature. We usually started with a newsreel by Movietone News. Then a cartoon and a short film (possibly a serial each week), the coming attractions finally followed by the main feature.

Oh, what joy if the movie featured Fred Astaire, or Gene Kelly. I was a dancer and pictured myself dancing with them in place of either Ginger Rogers , Cyd Charrise, or Leslie Caron among others. I still dance and I’m about to be 83 in a few months. What a world it was then.

So, thank you Don for a delightful read. It took me away from the reality of today’s nonsense and made me smile. I hope it made many others smile, too.