Whatever happened to American rugged individualism?

The U.S. government shuts down “non-essential” jobs, and you’d think the sky is falling. How many live paycheck to paycheck, not a penny saved, unable to be prepared for and cope with the slightest adversity?

Generations weaned on government checks. Able bodied men and women, unable or unwilling to apply for interest-free loans backed up with federal law guaranteeing all back pay, preferring to accept handouts of food.

The “greatest generation” drafted millions into the armed services, men earning less than the jobs they left behind. No complaining, the women pitched in and the war was won.

What would happen if the U.S. were ever invaded? How many citizens will come to its defense, preferring to remain frozen in self-pity?

Whatever happened to that traditional American “can-do spirit,” rugged individualism able to prevail over giant obstacles?

America was won by rough and ready pioneers. Are we now left with generations of dysfunctional girlyboys?