Publication was bad timing

Imagine waking up on the day of your final exams and seeing your name mentioned in the local newspaper in relation to a public controversy.

That is what I imagine happened this week to Jamila-Ashanti Scales and George Eid, juniors at Nashua North and Nashua South. They were recently selected to represent their student bodies on the Board of Education. Wednesday and Thursday were finals at North and South. Both days, the Telegraph ran stories about questions surroundings these elections.

As a parent of a high school student, I know how hard it is for a student to prepare for exams and to be in the right state of mind for them. Even when you know the material well, it is not easy to go in with confidence and focus. I can only imagine how hard it was for Mr. Eid and Ms. Scales, and their friends who care about them, to do their best knowing what was swirling around them. Ms. Scales and Mr. Eid are juniors, and so much rides on the grades they receive this year in particular.

The Telegraph should have published these stories after exams were over. The story was not breaking news, and no one’s safety would have been at risk had the stories been held over until the weekend. If the exam schedule wasn’t known, it should have been. There is a lot of reporting about special high school activities, and certainly about high school sports. It would be great if the school calendars were posted prominently for Telegraph staff, along with those of the other public bodies that the paper reports on regularly.

I think the Telegraph owes Ms. Scales and Mr. Eid an apology for the oversight, as well as best wishes for academic success in their future.