An open letter

Donald Jean;

Thanks for your response. I want to point out that the most important stat from the ERO data is the 11 percent increase in arrests. The increase is most likely a result of one of two things. Either law enforcement is doing a better job, or there are more people to arrest.

I believe the latter. Reasoning that people who are intending to cross illegally are figuring “better do it now.” People who oppose the wall say it is ineffective and won’t work. That is like saying having a password on your computer is ineffective and doesn’t work, because your going to get hacked anyway. Will people still illegally cross the border? Yes. Will computers still get hacked? Yes. But, to me, making it more difficult to do so makes sense.

One last point. I believe that if a Democrat had proposed the wall, it would be installed by now. The resistance comes from obstructionists, not logic.

I’ll leave you with another pop quiz to reinforce my point.

Who said, “I voted, when I was a Senator, to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. …?” The answer: Hillary Clinton, 2015.