Thank you, Gov. Sununu

The New Hampshire economy is roaring thanks to Gov. Chris Sununu. In just these past few weeks it’s been reported that not only has the Granite State’s unemployment rate dropped to 2.5 percent, but the number of young people moving here has also been on the rise in recent years.

The success of New Hampshire’s economy should come as no surprise to those who have been following Governor Sununu’s legislative accomplishments. In his first term the Governor signaled that New Hampshire is open for business – and industry leaders took notice.

In 2018 several major businesses relocated to New Hampshire or expanded their operations here. Revision Military announced that their new United States Headquarters would be based right in Portsmouth. Lonza Biologics announced a significant expansion, as did BAE Systems. Dean Kamen moved his Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute to the Manchester Millyards.

Not only are Granite Staters benefiting from the immediate payoffs of a strong economy, but thanks to Governor Sununu’s leadership, the Granite State is now situated as a leader in today’s high-tech economy. In fact, we’ve been rated as one of the top ten states for our high-tech industry capabilities.

As Gov. Sununu begins his second term, let’s take a moment to thank him for his efforts to reinvigorate and transform New Hampshire’s economy. We’re better for it.