‘A pox on all their houses!’

The latest episode of the recurring government shutdown fiasco should serve to make people realise the underlying stupidity of the way that the Federal Government conducts its operations. Consider numerous government agencies that have been created to provide a multiplicity of services for the American people, which people depend upon on a daily basis. Consider the number of people in federal government jobs, who are naturally relying upon receiving regular pay cheques, in order to meet all their personal financial obligations. Consider the nature of so many of the services provided by all these federal government agencies, some of which cannot be dispensed with, even for a short period of time. Then consider that, under the current operating procedures, funding for all these agencies is provided on a year-to-year basis! This is patently absurd.

Now, because of this absurd manner of funding the operations or the federal government, the single most important task that The Congress has, is making sure that before the current fiscal year ends, they have submitted a budget to the President for the next fiscal year. His job is to sign it into law, allowing all those services to continue uninterrupted. Then ask yourself, when was the last time that actually happened? I cannot remember when we were not funding the federal government with a series of “continuing resolutions,” which is not what is supposed to be the case. Neither Congress, nor the President, have been doing their respective jobs for years!

If you were a business owner who had a group of employees who constantly failed to accomplish their jobs, how long would you continue to employ them? Well, all those politicians, the President and the members of Congress, are employees of the American people, and they are failing us on a continuing basis. They all characterise themselves as “public servants,” especially when they are running for office, yet the quality of the “service” they provide, is frankly abominable.

The solution to the long march of “budget crises” to which we, the American People have been subjected for years, is simple. All that Congress and the President would have to do, is enact legislation providing that, when the end of the fiscal year comes, and they have yet again failed to enact a budget for the next fiscal year, the federal government will continue to be funded at the same level as it currently is funded. There will be no increases nor decreases to the amount of money each and every agency receives, until and unless an new budget is passed into law. All the services provided would continue uninterrupted, and the various politicians could continue to have their tantrums and histrionics to their heart’s content, but with no adverse consequences to the people they claim to “serve?”

The fact that they have not passed such legislation, long ago, and undoubtedly will not do so in the future indicates to me that they all want these budget “crises” to continue to occur. They want to penalize the public for their own personal political goals, despite constantly telling us that they are our “servants,” who have the best interests of our country at heart. To paraphrase William Shakespeare, “A pox on all their houses!”