Special events on tap

The year 2019 is shaping up to be busy and exciting for the Milford Historical Society. It is the 40th anniversary of our move to the Carey House Museum and special events are being planned for every open house from April through December.

April: A visit from the Hutchinson family via professionals who portray them through narration and song.*

May: Denise Wright Fox is putting together a program about her grandmother, Winifred Wright

June: We hope to host an event designed by the Milford High Schools Honors History Class**

July: Hands-on looking through the museum’s extensive collection of donated scrapbooks

August: A photography event created by volunteer Chris Thompson

September: Quiz about Milford with all answers readily available in the Museum created by volunteer Charlie Annand.

October: An anniversary party with hostess Nancy Schooley and a Touch-A-Tool event suitable for all ages, created by volunteer Sara Weyant-Bunn.

November: Dr. Alex Gondola will present a program about Rev. Humphrey Moore, Milford’s first settled Congregational minister.

December: Festive Christmas reception to say thank you and to close out the year. We are currently seeking funding for this event. We have asked the history teacher about letting the class design a program of their choosing. This event will be confirmed after the new semester begins.

For the first time in several years, most of the positions on the board of directors have been filled. Along with new people come new ideas. They are president Mark Genovesi, vice president, Barbara Tortorelli; secretary, Roberta Douglas; treasurer, Greg White; membership; Bonnie Gondola, newsletter; Sara Weyant-Bunn, website; Chris Thompson; publicity, Charlie Annand; properties, Karl Dahlen and curator, Janice Broderick.

Our membership chair has initiated several new plans and the newsletter chair has designed an updated look for the quarterly newsletter, and our media chair has updated our on-line presence through our website, milfordhistory.com and on Facebook.

Many volunteers have spent the entire autumn working on an attic clean-out project that is sponsored in part by Souhegan Valley Dental. They are going through every box and piece of paper stored in the attic and deciding what belongs in the collection and what can be parted with. The process has been a combination of frustration, puzzlement and excitement: frustration over the sheer volume of items, puzzlement about why certain items have been kept, and excitement in finding Milford treasures. When all the sorting is completed, a new system for storage and identification will be put in place. There are many months of work still ahead, but we are grateful for all the community support. It is wonderful to have visitors come to the museum and stay for hours, enjoying the new look, our presentation of the history of Milford and conversation with the docents. We also are happy that many who had no idea we even existed have discovered what a great little museum is located right here in Milford. We are looking forward to an exciting year.