Share your blessings

It’s not about the national and international news. Whatever source you follow, we are facing so many problems of every kind – natural disaster, war, crime, discrimination and the list goes on and on. The problems are not unique to the United States. Different, but similar, worries are glaring at us from every part of the world.

It’s not about our national and international leaders. There are so many examples of pride, arrogance, greed, ambition and hate that I expect it will be a long time before effective international cooperation makes the world a better place.

For me, the Christmas spirit is a local thing, found in our own home towns, and more powerful for the problems that surround us. Every day I hear stories like Shop With a Cop, Toys for Tots, homeless shelter outreach, food pantries, bell ringers and so many more. I am inspired by the story of a California volleyball team from a town destroyed in a forest fire, who received new uniforms, equipment and gift cards from the opposing team.

Every day I am wished Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, and every day I try to share the thought. I try to remember to share the greeting with as many others as possible, more the better if the other person is Hindu or Moslem or Jewish. Peace on Earth and Good Will is for all people, not just Christians. This is a great season for all of us to remember to share our best with others, and join in making our world a little more peaceful – one person at a time. Share your blessing with someone else – it’s contagious.