‘Operation Kindness’

Last week, my husband and I, as well as the other neighbors on our street, were treated to four nights of sweet treats as well as inspirational messages. A family of four children on General Amherst Road initiated and carried out a program they called “Operation Kindness,” which was to spread holiday cheer throughout the community. In return, the children requested that the recipients do a kind gesture or service to someone. As promised, each night the children delivered a treat of, first salted caramels, then brownies, then chocolate covered candy canes and finally chocolate chip cookies (still warm) as well as a lovely, wise note encouraging kindness to all – not just during the holiday season, but “for eternity”. The final note included their blessings and their thanks for being part of their “special holiday tradition”. Finally, on Saturday evening, the children returned to our homes with their parents and extended family to sing Christmas Carols.

We wanted to let others know about this family’s Operation Kindness. These children should feel very proud of themselves and their parents should be applauded for encouraging them. Thank you Taylee, Ella, Oliver and Cooper. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!