Granite bridge to nowhere

Liberty Utilities has proposed a plan to build a natural gas pipeline from the Seacoast to Manchester in order to bring natural gas to the city. This would be a huge project which would involve building a storage tank in Epping, passing the pipeline under the Lamprey river twice, and would end near there in Manchester. This proposed plan would be devastating for New Hampshire. It would push the use of fossil fuel sources for energy, distract the state from evolving to sustainable energy, and would be costly for climate change.

With this proposed bridge, Liberty Utilities would double its numbers of natural gas customers. This means that the company would have more people using natural gas in the state. The state would be using more fossil fuels, which is bad for the environment and the new wave of clean energy that is already hitting other states. This would not only harm the environment of New Hampshire but lead the state to fall behind when competing for sustainable energy sources.

This plan would also drive the use of sustainable energy sources outside of the state. Already for 2019 senate and house sessions there are several bills proposed focused on sustainable energy for New Hampshire and how we can use the sources in state. With a plan like the proposed Granite Bridge it would lead law makers and the public to focus on fossil fuels and not the future of sustainable energy.

This plan would also come at a hefty price for climate change. By using more natural gas for energy we produce greenhouse gasses that harm the environment. This causes the temperature to rise and repercussions such as the erosion of coastlines, the temperature to rise, and increased health risks to people.

Liberty Utilities proposed Granite bridge plan would not only be bed for New Hampshire by shifting the state away from sustainable energy sources and an overall push towards fossil fuels but it would also harm the environment which all Granite Staters love.