‘Our brethern,’ revisited

Regarding Don Sanborn’s Nov. 11 letter to the editor about the caravans making their way toward our southern border: Especially because the author invoked the name of Jesus, this letter bothered me greatly. But it touched on so much it was hard at first to work through all the issues. Here is my attempt. …

Jesus did teach that we are to care for the needy among us. He takes this very seriously. But Jesus also teaches many other things that he takes equally as serious. We are to treat people fairly. We are not to lie, or steal, or bear false witness, or be greedy or covet.

Jesus also teaches that we are to obey the law and respect those who have authority over us. He said “…render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”

Why are the migrants coming to the United States? The politically correct answer is they are fleeing persecution. But when interviewed, the migrants plainly say they are coming to get a job in the United States. They are coming to take advantage of our economic system. And while that in and of itself is not bad, there are millions of other people in the world that desire the same thing.

The U.S. has very generous immigration laws, but we can’t take everyone who wants to come. And allowing illegal entry into the U.S. is not fair to those who patiently wait their turn to come legally. When migrants cross our border and become illegal aliens, what do they want when caught by ICE? They claim asylum (which is a claim of persecution in their home country), hope to be released into the United States while waiting for a hearing and promise to appear at the hearing. Almost all are never seen again.

So in effect, they break our law, lie about their real reason for coming into the U.S., and bear false witness when swearing to return for their hearing.

How are the migrants getting to our border? The politically correct answer is they are desperate people who have walked most of the way from their countries of origin. They banded together in a caravan for protection from criminal gangs in Mexico. And after much hardship, they arrived at our border. But the reporters who have accompanied the migrants say they have been provided buses, food, water, proper sanitation facilities and places to rest and sleep.

How can such poor people afford the trip? The answer is, they can’t. They are being sponsored by organizations in the U.S. and Central America and “anonymous” donors are paying their way. So the PC marketing to the American people by the political and media “talking heads” is a lie. Why would “anonymous” donors sponsor migrants to illegally come into the United States? To answer that question, look at its results.

An illegal alien works long hours for very low wages, in many case lower than the law allows. This provides cheap goods and services, which enriches the employers. There is also one political party in the U.S. that encourages illegal aliens to apply for all of the US social services and enroll their children in our schools. Fifty percent of all immigrants use social services. This same political party protects illegal aliens with sanctuary cities, and has begun to enroll them on the voter registration rolls; in some cases openly (e.g. San Francisco). Guess which political party the illegal aliens will vote for? So why would “anonymous” donors sponsor migrants to illegally come into the US? Easy answer: greed and power. Illegal immigration is disastrous for the United States. It drives down the salaries of the young, and for manual and skilled labor. It takes jobs and opportunities from our poorer citizens, marginalizing them, and widens the wealth gap. Because of competition for housing it drives up real estate prices, which is especially hard on the poor and promotes homelessness. And because illegal aliens congregate mostly in urban areas, investment and wealth is pulled from middle America and is concentrated in coastal and larger urban centers, impoverishing the rest of country. In summary, illegal immigration is unfair to legal immigrants. It steals from all our citizens, but especially our neediest citizens. It encourages law breaking, lying, and the bearing of false witness. It enriches the greedy and is a tool of those who covet power. And it encourages the vilification of law enforcement and our elected leaders for trying to enforce the law.

Progressive politics is a “feel good” religion that is not concerned about the actual consequences of actions, but only about claiming to have done the “right thing”. It’s a false religion and is exactly what Jesus teaches against.