Fee for not using gas … what’s next?

Pardon me, but I think that the local gas company has given us an early Christmas present, OR NOT! It’s called a revenue decoupling charge. What that means is since the gas company has just asked for – but has not yet been approved by the NHPUC – a rate adjustment of $0.7411 per therm, new gas charge, which is both normal and expected, they have come up with something new to make money. They’re telling us that if the winter is colder than normal and our bills skyrocket, they will give us a bill credit (amount unknown). But if the weather is warmer than usual and we use less gas, we will get a new bill added on called a revenue decoupling charge. Now, my last bill showed a new bill of $.67, which isn’t much, but if you multiply it by 92,000 customers, that comes to $61,640, and if you multiply that for our four coldest months, that comes to $246,560. That is not a bad paycheck is it? Now, you might say what is 67 cents? My answer is will it stay at 67 cents or keep going up? When I go out to eat, I always tip 20 percent, and when I buy a coffee and donut at the local donut shop, I always leave a buck, so it’s not the money. I feel that the gas company put their hands in my pocket and took my money, which they did not earn, and slapped my face, and I said thank you. I feel that whomever the person or persons are that came up with this idea should be promoted all the way up to toilet bowl cleaner, because this has to be a new low in ideas. Always remember the door-to-door salesman. Once the foot is in the door, the cost will almost always go up, not down. Once this new type of bill is in, it will never go away, so it should be stopped now.