True and complete

Before the Board of Alderman Discuss O-18-029 tax exemptions of 25 percent to certain individuals, they should consider doing a complete reevaluation to all properties in the city. Nashua has not done a complete reevaluation in more than 30 years, who knows how many rooms have been added, cellars have been finished, bathrooms have been put in, etc. In this period of time, these would have brought up the assessments to these properties. Everyone has been effected by these new assessments, not only the eldery; it is only fair to do a total evaluation of the city to make sure the evaluations be true and complete. The state should require a total of evaluations to be done every 10 years, not just go by the market value. It is time to put the old way of going by only the market value in setting the property taxes but do the right thing and inspect properties.