Shameful and self-serving

There are facts. And, then there are lies. The letter titled “Not far enough” in the Sunday Telegraph on Oct. 14, 2018, written in response to my letter of September 30 about the disgusting and vile attack of Senate Democrats against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, is yet another example of the distortions and lies coming from the left. This letter is not a continuation of the Kavanaugh hearings, it is a plea to be civil and to ask people to stop lowering one’s standards. Think before making false accusations.

The writer claims the FBI was instructed by the “current resident of the White House” (it appears to be difficult for some people to call President Trump by name) not to follow up with “corroborating witnesses” and to take no longer than 7 days for the FBI report. This is an outright lie. The FBI is an independent agency and acts outside of the Executive Office of the President. That is why ALL of the Democrat Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked for a FBI report. And, they all agreed for the report to take no more than 7 days. President Trump had nothing to do with the FBI report and it was not he who required it take no more than 7 days. If the writer chooses to follow the Democrat idiomatic talking points he is entitled, but he must check his facts first.

Some people are willing to dismiss the promiscuities of a 15-year-old girl and prefer to live in their own bubble of fairness when it supports their own point of view. Ms. Ford was treated with the utmost respect by Republican Senators during the hearing and did not treat her past as “fair game” as the writer suggested. The Senators were trying to find evidence of her accusations. None of which were corroborated by any of her “witnesses”. It appears that some people prefer to live in a society that if someone makes an allegation, you don’t have to have proof and the accused is guilty without said proof. I prefer to be more civilized in my thinking and I’m thankful that America’s judicial system doesn’t operate based on mob rule.

One other little distortion by the writer, was that Ms. Ford deleted her social media accounts due to “harassment and threats and attacks” doesn’t pass the smell test. Her accounts were closed prior to the announcement of her name so how could she have been attacked if people did not know who she was? My question still stands, what was she hiding in those accounts that she deleted?

Finally, I am happy to add shameful and self-serving when describing Senate Democrat actions.