Linn can win

I ask all of you to go out and vote for Mark Linn for New Hampshire state representative on Nov. 6.

He is your only third choice in this highly contested race. We cannot trust the Republican Keith Ammon that does not show up for debates and supports President Donald Trump. We cannot trust the Democrat Kat McGhee that does not follow the Democrat Party platform when it comes to guns, both semi-automatic, and automatic.

The only one that makes sense to me is the Libertarian Party candidate that follows the platform his party represents, listens to the voters of Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon and New Boston, and will actually work for all of us and not for the special interest groups.

If you do not want anything to change, then keep voting for the Democrats and Republicans with this broken two-party system that does not work for any of us anymore. But if you want change, then wake up, New Hampshire, and actually vote for change this time in 2018. All that I ask is for all of you to be educated voters before you go out and vote. I know that Mark Linn will be a breath of fresh air and make change possible for all of us up in Concord.