Chandley is right choice

Infrastructure in Merrimack is a major problem. I can say that because I, along with thousands of others, literally feel it on my way to and from work almost every day, idling or crawling along Everett Turnpike or the Daniel Webster Highway, the only alternate available when the Everett inevitably bogs down.

It’s no secret; Merrimack has severe infrastructure issues. The costs in fuel, productivity and time lost idling in traffic are staggering.

This is all the more troubling to me because of the unfair burden that tolls have on our community. We pay heavily in tolls getting on or off the Everett, tolls which are not being put back into our community to fix our infrastructure. Toll revenue is instead spread throughout the state, so Merrimack citizens continue to suffer on the roads and in their wallets.

Based on this, it’s very clear to me that state Sen. Gary Daniels has not done nearly enough to fight for Merrimack taxpayers to warrant re-election. Daniels has only recently created a subcommittee in the Senate; too little and too late. It’s clear he is out of touch with the hard-working people of Merrimack.

This is why I am voting for Shannon Chandley. If you drive a car through Merrimack’s constricted arteries every day, you should, too. As a state rep, Shannon voted to study the removal of tolls from the Everett Turnpike in HB 2018, which would speed up traffic on the Everett and reduce overflow to surface roads. She will use her experience as a bipartisan legislator to listen to the infrastructure concerns of Merrimack citizens and work to actively address them.