Re-elect Rowe

I would appreciate your vote for me as a Hillsborough County Commissioner. As one of three commissioners, I am responsible for the management of the five county departments: Nursing Home, Registry of Deeds, County Jail and County Attorney. I am familiar with the job, as I have served as a commissioner for three years and as a member of the county Executive Committee for over a decade.

I am pleased to report that, through prudent management, we have reduced the Hillsborough County tax budget. Even with this reduction, we have been able to provide quality services to our citizens. We have been able to accomplish this as Hillsborough County is the most cost-effective county government in New Hampshire. Hillsborough has no debt and a reasonable surplus for difficult financial years. As a result of excellent fiscal management, the county tax represents approximately 5 to 6 percent of your municipal real estate tax. This compares to the local property tax in communities in other counties being as much as 30 percent of the local tax.

I am committed to keeping the county budget low and, at the same time, providing quality services to the citizens of Hillsborough County. May I have your vote?