Vote Steve Marchand

I would like to encourage all voters in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary on Tuesday to vote for Steve Marchand for governor. As a public-school teacher, I was impressed that Steve was the only candidate for governor to issue a statement in opposition to SB 193, an unconstitutional voucher bill that, if passed, would have de-funded our public-school system.

Not only does Steve oppose destructive education bills like SB 193, he has also published a detailed six-point education plan on his website, The plan’s aim is part of Marchand’s larger policy strategy to make New Hampshire the best state in America to start and grow a business and raise a family. It includes forward-thinking ideas like state support of pre-K education, providing debt-free opportunities for higher education and increasing starting teacher pay.

Our state has the second-highest median age in the country. Without more young people, our state’s economy will stagnate, and our tax base will decline. We need to attract young families to New Hampshire if we’re going to reverse this trend. To do that, we need to improve our state’s education system; and to improve our state’s education system, we need a plan. Of the candidates running for governor in 2018, no one has a better plan than Steve Marchand; and therefore, I encourage everyone who cares about our state’s education system to vote for him on Tuesday.