Leadership we deserve

In advance of this coming Tuesday’s primary, it my pleasure to write in support of Paula Moran’s candidacy for New Hampshire State Representative from District 36.

I have known Paula for quite some time, and have had the pleasure of working with her on multiple church and civic projects over the years. We both have had long careers at the same local employer, and I have been witness to Paula’s growth and development as a strong, results-oriented manager of resources who gets things done.

I know her to be hardworking, bright and intelligent, analytical, thoughtful, respectful and compassionate. She is a woman of integrity who possesses multiple talents, and many people have benefitted from her constant willingness to share those talents to help make their own life experience a little bit better. She truly cares about people, and will tirelessly work on their behalf.

With all that Paula has accomplished, I know that she has both the desire and ability to do more to help her community, and strongly believe that she has the potential to achieve meaningful results while representing us in Concord. I know this, because I have personally seen how hard she works, and I know she will employ this same work ethic to address the pressing issues that we and our families are facing today.

I know Paula to be a consensus builder, and believe that she will constantly strive to understand all perspectives that are presented to her, and will carefully weigh these different views when making decisions on our behalf. To put it simply, I truly like the way that Paula “goes about her business,” and am anxious to see what she will accomplish for us in Concord. In closing, what truly excites me about Paula is her stated reason for running in this election: public service as opposed to political gain. Paula is running to simply represent her neighbors the way we all deserve to be represented. She is not running to support a political party, a specific political agenda or a special interest group. She is simply looking to understand what is important to all of us, and to make sure that our interests are represented the way we deserve to have them represented. Honest, intelligent, common sense leadership, based upon a foundation of strong values and hard work. This is what a vote for Paula Moran will get you. Please remember Paula this coming Tuesday. I know that I will.