Jim Kelly running for state representative

I’m Jim Kelly, and I am a Republican running for state representative in Hollis. As of Aug. 21, I am home from three weeks of National Guard training and am beginning to meet face to face with the great people I hope to represent. With the Sept. 11 primary only a few days away, please read and consider my words here if time doesn’t allow us to meet before then.

Two of the four Republican primary candidates in our district will move on to the general election. My experiences and knowledge as a veteran and a health care provider separate my candidacy from that of my opponents.

Here is why I deserve your vote:

I have lived in New Hampshire since 1989 and in Hollis since 1999, when I started working at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua. I have also worked as a primary care physician for St. Joe’s and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua. I am semi-retired, and besides my military duties, I provide urgent care services two to four days a month at Milford Medical Center.

At age 58, I was commissioned a Major in the NHANG. Now a lieutenant colonel, I am the deputy commander for clinical services. I have served with some of New Hampshire’s and the country’s finest soldiers in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

My wife, Amy, and I are fortunate to call New Hampshire home. Like you, we enjoy and appreciate all that Hollis offers, but are frustrated with some of our politicians in Concord and Washington. It appears as though recent voting efforts have not always supported the conservative values we share.

I will advocate for:

Your Second Amendment rights

Right to work legislation

Local control of education and school choice

Small businesses and an improved business climate

Tort reform and Medicaid contraction

I will oppose:

Any imposition of state sales/income tax

Common Core curriculum

Federally mandated unfunded programs

State funding of Planned Parenthood

Sponsors of legislation will need to answer these questions to obtain my support:

1. Is it necessary? (How does it change what is being done now?)

2. Whom will it help? (Most legislation is zero sum).

3. Whom will it hurt?

4. What is its cost?

5. What are the unintended consequences?

I can be contacted by email at DrKelly4NH@gmail.com, through my website www.DrKelly4NH.com or on my Facebook page Jim Kelly for State Representative.

I look forward to meeting you and learning what issues matter most to you!