Significant progress made in Concord

Thank you for electing me and allowing me to continue to serve Senate District 12 for a second term. As your senator, I worked on numerous bills and have been an active and leading voice for you in Concord.

This year, the Senate was able to make significant strides toward improving the energy markets in New Hampshire. We passed two bills that protect the state’s timber and biomass industry while also ensuring diverse, in-state fuel sources for electricity generation. We eliminated the electricity consumption tax for all ratepayers, providing some relief from the high cost of electricity.

I was proud to sponsor a bill that increased the cap on net metering, which would have made it easier for cities and towns to use renewable energy to lower costs and sell the extra energy they produce in order to lower local property taxes. I am disappointed that this legislation was vetoed, and I will continue to fight for legislation like this in the future.

Education also remains a top priority of mine. We passed legislation that empowers local school boards to adopt the curriculum that works best for their town, as well allowing students in towns without public schools to be able to choose a non-secular private school that best suits their educational style and needs. We know that the educational outcomes of our children improves with early childhood education, and I am particularly proud that we were able to expand public, full-day kindergarten to communities across this state.

We took important steps to improve school infrastructure by appropriating an additional $10 million on top of the nearly $18 million in last year’s budget. These funds will help local schools improve safety, provide critical upgrades and bring high-speed internet to those schools without it.

We made significant progress on these and many other issues facing our communities. I look forward to continuing our hard work next year.