Support Avard

Sen. Kevin Avard works tirelessly on behalf of the frail elderly, adult disabled and developmentally disabled citizens of New Hampshire. During the last session, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services pursued an effort to mandate a managed care model for long-term care recipients under the guise of cost savings. Sen. Avard took the time to do the math and assess the delivery system. There were not savings to be had and the required profits to the big insurance companies would have been born on the backs of our frailest citizens.

Thank you to Sen. Avard for standing up to protect our elderly, adult disabled and developmentally disabled citizens; for making sure community-based care and nursing home care remain sound options for vulnerable populations.

Sen. Avard stood firmly against a measure that would have created another layer of bureaucracy that would not deliver the promised savings. New Hampshire needs sound leadership like Sen. Avard provides. Please vote for him on Sept. 11.