Read the Constitution

As a voter for more than 50 years, I have been vetting politicians for a long time. As I watch the advertisements, I know most have never read the constitutions to which they must swear an oath to uphold. Otherwise, why would someone say they will vote to limit gun ownership,or to use my tax dollars to fund abortion or to give money to certain corporations, etc.

Where does the Constitution give a representative or senator the right to spend my tax dollars in that manner?

Last time I read it, the federal government only had the rights granted by the Constitution of what the people voted to give up and give them the power to spend our tax dollars on.

The Constitution guaranteed everyone equal opportunity, but not to have the same as their neighbor has labored for. Too many expect government to give them whatever they want instead of the opportunity to earn it.

It seems its time for many in office to read the Constitution and the Founders’ writings and the job description they were elected to do.