We need Steve Negron

The Founding Fathers recognized, at the conception of this country, the fundamental rights granted to us at birth. Today, we find politicians willing to dismantle those rights in their effort to pander to a minority of the population. A loud minority who believes shouting and disrespect for personal beliefs is the way to discourage the idea America is a place for freedom and liberty, a place of ideas spawned from mutual respect.

We cannot continue to act in a manner that will eliminate independent thought. All is not lost, we just need to send in the proper guides.

We need Steve Negron. He will stand up for our right to a free press, the right to bear arms, the right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty. He will protect the entire Bill of Rights from being ignored or destroyed. Steve Negron has shown the honesty and integrity needed to preserve our nation, now let’s send him to Congress as our protector and as an example to the others.