Hacking and election tampering

Given, the Russians messed with the 2016 elections through social media, fake news and some hacking.

First a word on hacking. In this instance, hacking refers to one state hacking another, which is today’s version of espionage, which is yesterday’s version of spying, which has been going on forever. Nothing new, and people should not get hyper about it. Besides, have we not meddled in other countries’ elections?

With any type of hacking, there is a goal. Stealing money, intellectual property, trade secrets, etc.

So, what was the goal of the Russians “hacking or meddling” with the 2016 elections?

The Democrats et al, Hilary Clinton, would have you believe that it was to keep her from becoming president. That doesn’t make sense. The president was portrayed as an unknown, unstable and unpredictable. So, if you’re an adversary, why would you want an unknown, versus someone you know? Remember her secretary of state email server was hacked. So, Russian meddling never made sense to me, until I saw a Ted Talk by Laura Galante.

In summary, she says that if you despise democracy, then what a better way to disrupt it than by disrupting one of its main tenets, open and free elections.

I say “mission accomplished.” Think about the next election. What do you suppose the losers are going to say? I’ll start with “the results were tampered with.”

Again, mission accomplished.