Do your homework

Sept. 11, primary voting day, is only weeks away. With the primary vote, we choose our candidates for the November ballot. In a recent Margate Resort and Conference event held by the Democrats, we Laconia-area voters listened to Democratic party candidates for Carol Shea-Porter’s Congressional District 1 seat. She is stepping down.

Ten of them, out of 11 filed, took our questions on notecards. Rochester City Attorney Terence O’Rourke was absent due to illness, a loss. I heard him at a Sanbornton home-event, and found him strong in courage and voice, leaning to progressive ideas.

In Laconia on Thursday night, I was drawn to Lincoln Soldati who had nine terms as Strafford County Attorney, been on Somersworth School Board and been Somersworth mayor. He’s a big man with a big voice and decent ideas. He’d count as sending a wise elder to D.C., helpful as we have a temperamental President who disregards decency, laws, expertise. Soldati would call out Trump.

I liked what I heard from Rye-resident Mindi Messmer, a New Hampshire Representative and very active for environmental needs. From her responses, I know she’s aware of national and international situations. I summarize here – look at her website Mindi Messmer for Congress. She’s a trained scientist. My older daughter Geneva, about the same age, is also a scientist. Geneva has said to me, “A scientist understands systems.” Congressman Mindi Messmer would be a hard worker for us in D.C.

I urge everyone, especially our swing-voters, our New Hampshire undeclareds, to do homework and be ready for a Sept. 11 vote, picking up a Democratic party ballot and preparing to strengthen our state’s hand in D.C. In November we will want Democrats sent to D.C., not Republicans, good only for condoning bewildering and unpredictable – and dangerous – behavior in our White House.