Shame on them

The article written by Ms. Lothrop in the Aug. 5 newspaper has many true statements. However, she hasn’t given the whole story. While it is true about people sending children here alone without the parents, many of these people have no idea that the children will go to the detention centers. Even those parents, or single mothers with their children, do not know this. The word hasn’t gotten out to them before they leave their country.

In terms of American parents being arrested and separated from their children, many have family that take the children. Of course, those that don’t, the children go to state care or foster homes.

The pictures coming out now of the detention center in McAllen, Texas, are recent. As are others from other parts of the country. It is disgusting what this administration has done to these children.

I’m not sure innocent full-term babies are continually being ripped from the mother’s womb is as much as Ms. Lothrop would like to believe. If more women had access to appropriate birth control, this wouldn’t be as much of a problem. Women will continue to go to places where they may die from inappropriate abortions as long as they feel they have no other options.

As an Independent, I have voted for either a Democrat or a Republican if I thought the candidate was the best person for the job. I like to think for myself. I’m sorry the Electoral Collage elected this president. I don’t know if Hillary Clinton would have been the right one for the job, as she didn’t get it. This man has no idea how to run a country. This is not Trump Enterprises. At the moment, neither party is doing it’s job as our elected officials. Shame on them.