Exceptional escape artist

I don’t want to perpetuate a disagreement between me and another writer to this newspaper whether Hillary Clinton violated the law when she “was extremely careless” while handling classified information using her private email system, but I’d like to correct some misrepresentations.

This writer accused me of wanting to prosecute Hillary Clinton without evidence. So, I refer him to provisions of 18 US Code 798, Disclosure of Classified Information; 18 US Code 793, Gathering, Transmitting, or Losing Defense Information; 18 US Code 1924, Unauthorized Removal and Retention of Classified Documents and Material; and 46 CFR 503.59, Safeguarding Classified Information to name a few. In fact, Hillary Clinton and her staff could be liable for legal action for violating 18 US Code 1519, Destruction, Alteration, or Falsification of Records in a Federal Investigation and 18 US Code 371, Conspiracy to Commit a Federal Offense.

It’s inconceivable for me to exonerate anyone who committed a crime just because others in the same position may have committed a related crime. Let me be clear, anyone violating the law should be arraigned. Furthermore, the security clearance granted any accused violator should be suspended pending legal action proceedings.

I don’t place any weight on coincidences, but I do believe that no one is above the law. If this writer can provide evidence to substantiate his accusation that a president broke the law, he should provide it to the FBI. Hillary Clinton is still legally exposed for her actions, because the report by the FBI IG concluded the lead investigator acted improperly and without authority while handling her probe, which gave the AG cover to neglect her responsibility as well as the chief law enforcer to avoid intervention and correction.

I am not upset that Hillary Clinton is a woman of accomplishment. I am upset that justice has not been served regarding her mishandling of highly classified information. Appointed officials, who are granted the responsibility of handling highly classified information are allowed only one mistake. Hillary Clinton made many mistakes over years of using her email system such as (1) hosting it on multiple private and unsecure digital/computer devices; (2) from a portion of her accumulated emails, for sending and receiving 52 email chains using her unsecure system of which 8 chains were top secret, 36 were Secret, and 8 were confidential; (3) failing to turn over a major portion of her accumulated emails of which some were later identified as being classified; and (4) destroying evidence of which she has yet to account. I am especially upset that she and her staff were safeguarded from the risk of perjury because she and her staff were not deposed when “questioned” by the FBI.

Since key officials involved with Hillary Clinton’s email investigation have left office, I hope the case will be re-opened to correct the errors and seek the WHOLE truth using evidence found by James Comey and an unbiased interpretation of laws and without the complication of the involvement of a presidential candidate. But I must say, Hillary Clinton is an exceptional escape artist.