Not much has changed

In his recent letter to the editor, Mr. Timothy Tiches calls for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that he failed to cite any evidence that she violated any law. In fact, many other elected officials over the years have made the same mistake made by Hillary Clinton, using private emails in the conduct of government business.

We now have a president who ignored sage advice and used an unsecured cell phone in the White House, and portable devices used to pick up cell phone calls have mysteriously appeared around Washington. Coincidence? This, however, does not seem to bother Mr. Tiches, who is hell bent on throwing Hillary in jail on false charges.

In the 15th century, St. Joan of Arc was prosecuted on false charges for wearing men’s clothes and doing a man’s job better than her male adversaries. It seems that not much has changed in western civilization in more than 500 years.

Hillary’s biggest sin is that she is a woman who did a man’s job, getting more of the popular vote in the presidential election than her male adversary, which seems to upset some people to their core for no good reason.

Her mistake regarding emails was no worse than those made by men in similar positions, yet she is the one Mr. Tiches, and those of his political persuasion, want to burn at the stake.