A true blessing

I want to commend two young ladies, ages 15 and 11. I am not going to put their names here so I don’t embarrass them. They know who they are.

In the winter, they asked if they could shovel the driveway for me. Girls shoveling a driveway? Of course, I said yes. Not only did they shovel off the driveway, they cleaned off my car and shoveled the deck as well.

Every time it snowed, they were there doing it again. And they did a great job, too. Once winter was over, these two ingenious girls asked if there was something else they could do for me. Gardening, housecleaning, grooming cats (I have Persians). They were just trying to earn some money.

They come over just about every weekend and help with grooming and feeding the cats. They even help with the nail clipping. The younger girl was nervous at first with handling the cats, even though she could handle a 1,200-pound horse.

She now grooms some of them all by herself. They also have taken on a very large project of clearing out a neighbor’s yard for him. They are both very polite, and we enjoy talking about different things.

I haven’t heard one swear word in all this time, and that is a definite plus in my book. They also enjoy talking and listening to my husband and love his Army stories.

I have some other projects that they will be helping me with in the near future. I have grandchildren that live far away, so this is like having another set of grandchildren to spend time with. It is so nice to know these girls.

Instead of sitting in front of a TV all day or playing computer games, they are out earning some money and helping me out big-time. THANK YOU GIRLS !!! You are a blessing and a God-send to me.