Wake up Trumpists

Donald Trump’s recent performance in Helsinki once and for all exposed his incompetence, self-serving behavior and unashamed obsession with the possibility that he will be exposed for colluding with Russian meddling in his election. Not because it was illegal, but because it means he didn’t win because of his actions alone. It distorts his thinking and reasoning on everything and is the major factor in his bizarre behavior.

This would-be emperor has no clothes! Not just a scary sight, but a truly scary situation. The world now knows that Trump’s complete focus is on what he can do each day to bolster his frail self-image. Imagine what our allies think of Trump’s weak and submissive behavior in Helsinki.

The man, incredibly terrible at his job, is not without some knowledge and skill. It is not math, history, geography, civics, our Constitution, deciding fact from fiction or managing casinos. But he can con millions of people, contradict himself within the same day often in the same speech, without “his people” noticing, tell more lies in a day than all the used car salesmen in America combined and without missing a breath talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

Wake up Trumpists! Today, he weakened your security, his trade tariffs will increase your cost of living and maybe kill your job, his EPA rollbacks will damage your environment, his tax plan will eventually raise your property taxes due to consequences of the growing deficit, his immigration policy will shut down farms, resorts and construction projects. Expecting reduced rates on student loans, protection against consumer fraud, reduced healthcare costs? Forget it. The negative consequences of Trump’s policies are already beginning to develop, ask the soybean farmers.

Face it, you saw the real Trump today; an arrogant (refused to prepare), cowardly (afraid to confront Putin), ignorant (lacks knowledge of world affairs), unpatriotic (trashed his own government) and mega-egotist who put his own personal interest first. Or, based on the way he groveled on stage, maybe it is Putin’s interests that are first and foremost.

When will Republicans, particularly Trump supporters, overcome their egos and admit they made a mistake and voted for a phony, first-class liar and sleazy super salesman, not a successful businessman who would straighten out the government. Ha!