To the N.H. GOP

You just don’t get it!

If you had any records at all, you would know I am a conservative candidate for a sixth term, and that I have been threatened to be removed by the left wing New Hampshire Municipal Association for my exposing the “Tort of Conversion” now being perpetrated by all municipalities in this state.

All elected officials are not employees, by federal law, 29 USC 630(f) and by state statute, RSA 282-A:9,IV(O)(1)(2). We do not receive wages, salary, payroll or unemployment compensation. We do receive Article 15, Part II, “compensation.”

The distinction is clear. We are not employees!

Yet the GOP is permitting millions of dollars to unlawfully leave this states economy by permitting administrative accountants to unlawfully take 7 1/2 percent for S/S plus Medicare money from the “COMPENSATION” due each elected official.

Then there is the additional 7 1/2 percent that the taxpayers have to pay out of the General Fund for the other 7 1/2 percent of the S/S. Millions more, feeding the alligators in the swamp called D.C. When the GOP addresses these economic issues, I may be more responsive.