Protect the unborn

What would drive a reasonable man like gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand to propose that not only that the unborn have no legal protection until the moment of birth, but also that taxpayers should foot the bill for abortions?

One lie begets another, and our public policy is built on the transparent myths of the sexual revolution: technology has separated sex from reproduction, and, subsequently marriage – rather than being oriented toward producing and raising children – is a relationship with a favorite sex partner which can be dissolved when the love runs out. But in spite of technology, women still become pregnant; so we try to make the problem go away by pretending the unborn are blobs of cells, disposing of them as medical waste, and refusing to keep statistics.

The carnage from the redefinition of marriage is harder to hide: fatherlessness, addiction, suicide, poverty, mental illness and incarceration. Libertarians say marriage isn’t the government’s business, but when the father’s out of the picture, someone else has to pick up the tab.

Until we leave the land of make believe and promote policies that protect the unborn and encourage men and women to join in a monogamous, life-long relationship to produce and raise children, we’ll have to continue treating the symptoms of our delusions and inventing more elaborate stories to cover our tracks.