Illegals and jobs

It was great to read the New Hampshire breaks its own record article regarding employment.

BUT, along with full employment is the bad news, no help available. Now is the time for cracking down on employers hiring illegal immigrants, while simultaneously increasing the number of work visas so we can get legal employees.

The immigrants, for the most part, are only here to better themselves. They are hard-working, great people. Currently, it is cost prohibitive and very hard to bring in legal workers.

I propose a sort of clearing house, where employers could register for employees wanted, and immigrants can be registered and matched. Since unemployment is so low, you could use their offices for this purpose. I believe this would accomplish two things: allowing immigrants a legal path in and a job. And, it would alleviate the labor shortage.

It would also counter the issue of the illegals being exploited for low pay and no benefits. At the same time, we need to toughen up the border and seriously go after the employers who are hiring the illegals. They are artificially lowering the wage base by breaking the law, not paying fair wages and not paying payroll taxes and insurance.