Positive Street Art

I wanted to comment on a dynamic and inspirational organization I am part of. Positive Street Art is a nonprofit organization in it’s sixth year, with a mission to inspire a passion for urban arts in a productive way, and to build stronger communities through educational workshops, community events and artistic services. We have worked to bring unique and inspiring art to the community, through engaging local graffiti artists and a diverse community of supporters. We have worked to build a stronger community for veterans, with our Hearts and Minds Series. We have brought greater awareness of healthy eating and active living, empowering inner city youth in positive expression. We have celebrated Nashua’s heritage of diversity and commerce through our Rue De Renaissance, and we have told the story of Nashua, through projects like our nostalgia mural.

We have celebrated our support in the community every step of the way, and we want to invite the community to celebrate ours. Recently one of our two founders, Manuel Ramirez stepped down from the board to take on a role as our first full time, Artist in Residence.

As reflected in our 2017 Annual Performance Report, Manuel and Cecilia Ulibarri completed more than $5,000 worth of mural work for PSA, as our most frequently sought artists, and as such we are transitioning to a model that better supports opportunities for local artists by leveraging our strengths in artistic services to fund community art events, such as our Downtown Arts Festival, Live Art Battle competitions, coffee and coloring and more. As an artist in residence Manny can focus on oversight and logistics, to allow us to engage in more projects, consistent with the mission and values of Positive Street Art.

We would like to invite the public to attend a presentation at a public board meeting, on our accomplishments to date, current projects, and future opportunities. Please join us Aug. 15 in room 208 at Nashua City Hall, at 6:30 p.m. in our sixth year of service, we are grateful for all our supporters and the community around us, we would like to present the new opportunities this represents, for us and for our community!