Least admired

Our president continues to bellyache that TV stations are biased, newspapers are biased, colleges are biased, the courts are biased. The fact is, intelligent people ARE biased. How could they think highly of someone that wants to sell our national parks so he can buy more guns and bombs. He is notorious for lying, being delusional and bullying.

The president will gloat about spending $250,000,000 to attack Syria with over a hundred cruise missals and then short change our citizens devastated by hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

When his immigration mess started he said, “There is nothing I can do.” The world started calling him names. The next day he signed an Executive Order to stop separating children from their parents.

We went from having the most admired world leader (Obama) and to our shame, the least admired!

Perhaps the world (and us) needs more woman leaders.