Not dregs of society

I would like to formally reply to Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien’s letter posted on June 17 in regards to Nashua Pride.

I personally started attending the shows just a little over three years ago now. I can assure you I had no idea what to expect. I went to support someone that is a very dear friend and co-worker with my sister. Since then, he has become a wonderful friend to me as well. I was stopped at the door, asked my name (for the ticket list) and was carded the minute I stepped through the door. I was then carded again when I ordered a drink. I promise you that any show with a 21-plus rating, that rating is strictly enforced. I have seen Monique do family friendly shows, and they are an incredible show of fashion, makeup, talent and mostly a celebration of differences.

I do agree that the YouTube videos are not family friendly, and that is why you have to have login credentials to YouTube certifying your age. I will more specifically address one of your issues with the song on YouTube regarding sexual acts in public places. This is actually a cover of a song from nationally renowned comedian. This is a well known song; however, all adults attending the show are not encouraged to perform sexual acts in a bathroom. It (in my opinion) along with a lot of the other songs the queens perform are to bring light to the over-sexualization of not only woman, but of everyone in today’s media. Yes, there is a lot of comedy; however, the majority of the show is about empowerment, be who you are, and be comfortable with that.

I feel your letter portrayed all the performers as pornographic performers; however, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that many of the queens performing are very successful business men/woman. Among a few is a psychiatrist, a business owner and a costume designer for a well known theater. These are not the dregs of society, these are upstanding members of your community.

They are using a platform that displays the MANY talents of the performers, whether it be singing dancing, modeling, dressmaking and numerous others. This platform not only gives many perfumers an outlet for their incredible artistic abilities, but allows the individual to show their talents in a great crowd of people. People that just want to be surrounded by support and love. To be in a non judgmental place, to feel safe.

It is evident to me that you did not try to reach out and try to meet, or care to know any drag queens, never mind Monique. I think you would be pleasantly surprised at how much you would have in common. I would be more than happy to meet with you in person to discuss our difference of opinions, and I don’t mean fight or argue, we can discuss and debate. I really believe you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the show.